At Happy HR your data and privacy are protected!
Happy HR employs the same level of encryption standards and industry leading technology that leading SaaS and financial institutions use
to manage the security and integrity of your HR data.

  1. Environment and Back Ups

    Happy HR runs on AWS technology which is backed by their 99.99999% uptime service level agreement.
    You will always be able to access your data when you need to access it.
    We take data security very seriously as it’s YOUR data.
    Happy HR is hosted on a highly secure cloud server at AWS. Incremental file storage level backups for the previous 20 days will be maintained at all times. AWS has highly secure facilities and host’s information some of the biggest companies in the world. All servers and databases are encrypted as this is standard practice.

  2. Your Data

    Your data is stored on Happy HR’s protected data servers instead of your own computers. This way if you happen to lose your computer your HR data is secure.
    Our clients own their own personal data and information and we will not ever, on sell to any third parties.
    Happy HR cannot access your data etc unless you give us access to it.

  3. Audits

    Happy HR regally undertakes a stringent audit processes to ensure our environment is working as it should. This audit process involves best practice audit techniques to deliver a secure site 24/7.

  4. Layers

    Happy HR uses firewalls to restrict access and protect your data from unauthorised access. Our servers are only available to senior Happy HR developers and engineers, and we log and audit all access.
    The pages of Happy HR have SSL encryption for full page security.

  5. Payment Gateway

    For your credit card information, we use EWAY as it is a terrific and secure product, the Happy HR system does not store any credit card information.

  6. Our Staff

    Happy HR staff are trained in accordance with Privacy Act and will always act in line with this act. Staff are police checked for added security.