Your Employee Experience

Happy HR will make your employees HR Happy

Your Employee Experience

With everything all in one place, your employees will have a happy experience with Happy HR.

  • Onboarding and Induction ProcessOnboarding and Induction Process

    Happy HR allows employees to manage the whole paperless induction process in the cloud. The employee gets an email with a secure login to Happy HR, they fill out their payroll information, can review and electronically sign to accept their employment contract, position and polices all before their first day at work! Going forward they will login to their own secure Happy HR employee account.

  • Contract and Policy ComplianceContract and Policy Compliance
    Contract Policy

    Happy HR gives employees confidence as they know a 3rd party is ensuring the compliance for the company they are working for. This shows to the employee that you take compliance seriously and will give them peace of mind as our contracts and policies are constantly reviewed by our in-house team of employment lawyers to ensure legal compliance.

  • Employee Self ServiceEmployee Self Service
    Emp Self Service

    Employees can manage their payroll information, apply for leave, see upcoming performance management training & events, messaging, report safety incidents and much more!

  • Employee  Document Expiry RemindersEmployee Document Expiry Reminders
    Expiry Document Reminder

    Employees can upload documents like driver’s licences, medical certificates, and RSA certs etc into their profiles and set expiry reminders for themselves and company admins. The Happy HR system allows users to track all employee documents, so you can ensure that you are able to stay compliant by making sure all your employee’s certifications are up to date.

  • Performance ManagementPerformance Management
    Profile Management

    Happy HR has an easy to follow workflow that ensures managers can drive employee engagement with our self-assessment performance appraisal process and workflow. Taking time to develop your employees ensures happier and more satisfied employees.

  • Grievance ManagementGrievance Management
    Grievence Management

    It is a legal recruitment that grievances are managed in line with the Fair Work Act. Happy HR has an easy to follow workflow that ensures that you manage grievance investigations properly.

  • Workplace Health and SafetyWorkplace Health and Safety
    Workplace health

    Happy HR allows employees to report incidents or hazards, investigate, conduct risk assessments, prepare reports, manage return to work all in a simple to use safety module.

  • 360 Surveys360 Surveys
    360 Survey

    Workplace surveys are a terrific way to understand your employees. Happy HR allows you to create a survey, send it out to employees and the module allows the employee to give open or anonymous answers to questions.

  • Training and DevelopmentTraining and Development
    Training Plan Listing

    Developing and training staff is one of the best ways to engage employees. By conducting training sessions, you are upskilling your people and you are providing them with opportunities to develop new skills.

  • Procedure DocumentsProcedure Documents
    Procedure Doc

    Happy HR enables employees to have company procedural documents easily at hand.

  • Organisational ChartsOrganisational Charts
    Org Charts

    Employees can see the company organisational chart for quick reference to team structure and reporting lines. They can also see social information about their fellow employees.

  • Employee ProfileEmployee Profile
    Employee Profile

    Employees can manage all their employee information like payroll, leave, activities, contracts etc. They can see payslips, leave balances etc. here as well.

  • Cloud based use anywhere anytime on any deviceCloud based use anywhere anytime on any device
    Cloud Anytime Anywhere

    Happy HR is a fully responsive website that is accessible anytime and anywhere, displaying beautifully across all devices, including desktop, tablet and mobile.

  • In app messaging and broadcastingIn app messaging and broadcasting
    In App Msg

    Employees can create, send and receive chat messages to an individual or group. Broadcast announcements can be read by employees.

  • Leave ManagementLeave Management
    leave Management

    Leave management at the click of a button. Our module has a leave calendar that shows the employees leave, allows employees to apply for leave etc. all at the click of a button.

  • User Access LevelUser Access Level
    User Access level

    You can allow different levels of access to key employees of your organisation. The different access levels are CEO (entire access), HR (not invite sub company), operations (all but employee profiles), finance (employee profiles only) and managers (see performance and activities to people below the employee in the org chart but not employee profiles) rights. Employees can toggle between employee and user access when logged in as an employee.

  • Awards and RecognitionAwards and Recognition

    Employees love being recognised as an outstanding employee. Even better when you can share a person’s success with the team. An employee can give a shout out and compliments of great work to other team members.

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