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Happy HR integration with Xero

The easy-to-use option for small businesses needing to handle their accounts, Xero is a fully-online service that you can login to from anywhere and on any device. See the flow of finances in real time as Xero imports, categorises and analyses your bank statements. With tools covering everything from invoicing to paying bills, reporting to helping with sales tax returns, it’s the perfect accounting software tailor-made for small businesses.

Fully integrated with the HappyHR™ software, you can find out more by visiting Xero Accounting Software.


Happy HR integration with Deputy

When it comes to scheduling your employees’ shifts, managing their time and attendance, tracking performance and maximising workplace communication & efficiency – Deputy is the cross-platform service that makes it simple.

Transforming the way businesses optimise their time through beautifully integrated employee rostering tools, Deputy helps save resources and improve workflow.

HappyHR™ software integrated, visit Deputy to find out more.


Happy HR integration with KeyPay™

Managing the end-to-end process of payroll is a breeze with KeyPay, a time-saving workforce management service. Focusing on giving employers the tools they need to empower their employees, promote productivity & compliance – all while showing real-time costs – KeyPay provides employees and business owners alike a better way to understand the cost centres of their business.

Integrated with HappyHR™ software, find out more by visiting KeyPay Payroll software.


Happy HR integration with Tanda

Remove payroll stress with Tanda, the leading workforce management tool that helps employers communicate better with their staff about when to work and the pay they can expect.

Using intelligent rostering tools, precise time sheets, 1-click MYOB integration for easy payroll & automated gross-wage calculating, Tanda helps reduce the admin of payroll from hours of work to mere minutes. So far, Tanda has helped:

  • More than 1000 locations across Australia & New Zealand
  • 6.8+ million individual employee clock-ins be recorded
  • A total of over 28 million hours work be rostered through the software

Best suited for businesses with 15+ hourly/shift staff in fixed locations.

Optimal for companies with 15+ hourly/shift staff working in fixed locations & integrated with HappyHR™, visit Tanda to find out more.


Happy HR integration with MYOB

MYOB is designed to ensure that businesses – no matter which metrics they use – have a way to measure their success and keep track of their milestones & growth. Developing a range of smart tools to streamline business, MYOB wants to help you meet the goals you set. Using our unrivalled business management platform as a jumping point, MYOB is committed to creating a range of add-ons to help you connect better with clients and employees in an efficient and productive work eco-system.

Integrated with HappyHR™’s quality software, visit MYOB Accounting Software to find out more about their great range of tools and add-ons.


Happy HR integration with Intuit QuickBooks

Developed and marketed under the Intuit banner, QuickBooks is the accounting software package aimed at small-to-medium business owners. With both cloud-based and on-premises accounting applications that help employers accept business payments, pay and manage bills and streamline payroll, QuickBooks is the accounting software you need.

Fully-integrated with HappyHR™, visit QuickBooks to find out more.

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