Fixed Fee - Recruitment

Our Low Fee Fixed Fee Rates are below
Happy HR does NOT charge % based fees

GST for roles under 59.9K TEC
GST for roles between $60.0K & $79.9K TEC
GST for roles $80.0K & $99.9K TEC
GST for roles above $100.0K TEC is payable

Our Service Includes


Provide you with fully screened and fully qualified candidates who fully meet your brief.


Save you time with booking in first and second round interviews.


Provide you with strong reference checks that have at the highest level of due diligence.


We give you piece of mind with our long 3-month candidate guarantee.

Our Process

Step 1 – Role Scope

  • We take a job brief - we make sure the position description is aligned with the role
  • We analyse business and team culture – at this point we put on our HR consulting cap to make sure we thoroughly understand your business

Step 2 – Advertise and Assess

  • We script the ad and manage the process including the costs
  • We assess all applicants against your required criteria
  • We filter through resumes and identify the best candidates

Step 3 - Shortlist

  • We conduct in-depth interviews with shortlisted candidates
  • We prepare a written report on each candidate – this includes all interview Q&A's, a behavioural screening analysis and a clear assessment linking the candidate to your key criteria
  • We then present and discuss the shortlisted candidates with you

Step 4 - Interview

  • We book in the 1st and 2nd round interviews to save you time

Step 5 – Offer and Reference

  • We help you identify the ideal candidate for your role
  • We check up to two references using a quality assured process and provide a reference report
  • We inform the successful candidate and arrange for the employee to be invited into Happy HR
  • We inform all unsuccessful candidates to ensure that we maintain your employment brand

Step 6 – The beginning of a fantastic recruitment relationship

  • We provide you with piece of mind with our 3-month candidate guarantee!
  • We undertake first week, first month, third month check-ins
  • We continue to maintain a successful recruitment and HR partnership with your business

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